Lions, Tigers and Rats?

As far as we know, there are no lions, tigers, or bears roaming the streets of High View Park. We do know that we have a persistent problem with rats and mice. The location of our neighborhood, surrounded by so many commercial food restaurants, makes it the perfect place for rodents to live. In addition, the ever present construction displaces these “residents” which, move from yard to yard in search of a suitable home. Rodents carry germs and diseases that can make people and pets sick. 

Don’t let your yard be their new home and work with your neighbors to manage shared fence lines. Take advantage of the cooler temperatures and dying vegetation to clear out overgrown areas of your yard, clean up any accumulated brush or debris, and be sure your trash cans and bird feeders have their lids on tight. 

If you identify a rodent problem, contact the Arlington County Public Health Department at 703-228-7400 or email them at and they will answer your questions and can conduct a property inspection and/or provide advice. Their focus is on prevention and educating homeowners to manage their properties to be rodent free. For more information, please check out their webpage

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